The Arts are an important part of our business at the Wild Hare; from the plates to the walls, every medium is explored and all artists encouraged.

We feature a new exhibit by local and regional artists several times a year, as well as a variety of arts and crafts from some of our favorite  local artisans for purchase..

Hats by Mary have been a fixture here at the Hare from the beginning!  Her hand-made hats are functional and stylish; don't let a -20 below reading keep you from looking good!

Gorgeous and colorful silk always makes a great gift for loved ones or yourself!
Butch Holden
New Works in Clay

Retired BSU Art Professor
Butch Holden combines skills
in drawing, painting, and
sculpture into new works in
clay, featuring pieces that are
extremely archival, waterproof,
lightfast, and can even be
hung outside in full sun.  All
work is dishwasher and
microwave safe, and
make great gifts of original,
local talent.