The Arts are an important part of our business model at the Wild Hare; from the plates to the walls, every medium is explored and all artists encouraged.

We feature a new regional artist every month in conjunction with Bemidji's "First Friday Art Walk".  Opening receptions are held every first Friday of the month from 3-5pm.  The "First Friday Art Walk" is an excellent way to support the artists and businesses of Bemidji's beautiful Downtown, and to experience the wealth of creativity our community has to offer.

Hats by Mary have been a fixture here at the Hare from the beginning!  Her hand-made hats are functional and stylish; don't let a -20 below reading keep you from looking good!

Gorgeous and colorful silk always makes a great gift for loved ones or yourself!
Cyrus Swann
Potter to the Wild Hare

Cyrus is a 2002 graduate of Bemidji
State University in fine arts, and
creates a wide range of functional and
experimental ceramic work, including
bowls, bottles, groupings, sculpture
and installations.  His well crafted
pottery is intended for daily use and
will last a lifetime.  Cyrus has been
working clay professionally for seven
years, and has established his studio
in his home town of Pine River, MN.

There's always a shelf of Cyrus' wares here at the Hare: stop in for that special gift!

D.L. Houseman

Wild Hare Bistro and Coffeehouse will present ““Aadizookaan: Sacred Stories & Myths” by D.L. Houseman, October 6th through November 28th.  This exhibit explores six Ojibwe origin stories interpreted through two mediums: woodcut printings and acrylic paintings.   Houseman depicts the stories of two young braves in their quest for spiritual  guidance, followed by four animal stories, including: ma’iingan — (wolf), omakakii - (frog), mishiike - (turtle) and a story of a seasonal change caused by anndeg - (crow) “The Trickster”.  Houseman, a retired art teacher of 34 years, is now focused fulltime on his own work, including writing and illustrating children books, numerous solo shows, artist in residence programs across the state, and his art business “Stuff on Paper”.